2013-2014 Board of Trustees
  • Blake A. Rear, Commissioner
    Geauga County
  • Robert Cannon
    The Cannon Advantage
  • Mary E. Samide, Commissioner
    Geauga County
  • Duane Siracki
    Siracki Realty
  • Ralph Spidalieri, Commissioner
    Geauga County
  • Karen Hewitt
    Lawyers Title
  • David Lair, Administrator
    Geauga County
  • Richard Coyne
  • Andy Bushman
    Munson Township Trustee
  • Lucinda Sharp-Gates
    Gates Realty
  • Phillip King, Mayor
    Chardon City
  • Dave Ford
    Federal Improvement Corporation
  • Dan Weir, Manager
    Middlefield Village
  • Andy Meinhold
    Lake National Bank
  • Jan Blair, Trustee
    Newbury Township
  • Cristine Lewis
    Fairmount Minerals
  • Anita Stocker, Director
    Geauga County Department of Community and Economic Development
  • Marie Lovas
    Beaches and Dream Travel
  • Agnes Sojka
    Maple Producer Hambden Township
  • David Blanock
    Huntington Bank
  • Tracy Jemison
    Geauga Growth Partnership
  • Alfred Thompson
    Middlefield Banking Company
  • Carolyn Balogh
    Marbel Inc.
  • Eric Hollinger
    Middlefield Banking Company
  • Caterina Cocca-Fulton